Main Creek Retreats: country cottage accommodation, arts and crafts.
Bower Retreat: pet friendly cottage holiday accommodation, ideal for families. Arts and  Crafts Retreats at Main Creek- scrapbooking, patchwork, spinning and more! Photo Gallery: Main Creek, rainforest walks, views, visitors, wildlife and farm animals Bird Sitings: native Australian birds seen at Main Creek Location: map and directions to the Main Creek Retreats near Dungog, north of Sydney, NSW, Australia Links: Main Creek, Dungog, Barrington Tops, Sydney, NSW, Australia, tourism, accommodation and travel websites. Vacancies: available dates for accommodation at the Main Creek Retreats. Retreat hosts: Marion is a friendly and hospitable host!
Main Creek is a haven for many native Australian birds.
This is a list of birds sighted by David Stuart around Bower Retreat.

Australian Brush Turkey Fan Tailed Cuckoo Scarlet Honeyeater
Australian King Parrot Galah Silvereye
Australian Magpie Golden Whistler Southern Boobook
Australian Magpie Lark Green Catbird Spangled Drongo
Australian Owlet-nightjar Grey Butcherbird Speckled Monarch
Australian Raven Grey Fantail Spotted Pardalote
Australasian Grebe Grey Goshawk Straw Necked Ibis
Azure Kingfisher Grey Shrike Thrush Striated Thornbill
Bar Shouldered Dove Jacky Winter Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Barn Owl Kookaburra Superb Fairy Wren
Bell Miner Large Billed Scrub Wren Tawny Frogmouth
Black Faced Cuckoo Leaden Flycatcher Topknot Pigeon
Black Faced Monarch Lewins Honeyeater Variegated Fairy Wren
Brown Cuckoo Dove Little Black Cormorant Wedge Tailed Eagle
Brown Gerygone Little Pied Cormorant Welcome Swallow
Brown Goshhawk Maned Duck White Cheeked Rosella
Brown Thornbill Masked Lapwing White Browed Scrubwren
Brush Wattlebird Noisy Friarbird White Faced Heron
Cattle Egret Noisy Miner White Headed Pigeon
Channel Billed Cuckoo Noisy Pitta White Naped Honeyeater
Common Koel Pacific Black Duck White Plumed Honeyeater
Common Mynah Pacific Heron White Throated Nightjar
Crested Shrike Tit Pied Butcherbird White Winged Chough
Crested Pigeon Pied Currawong Whites Thrush
Crimson Rosella Red Browed Finch Willie Wagtail
Dollarbird Regent Bowerbird Wonga Pigeon
Eastern Spinebill Restless Flycatcher Yellow Faced Honeyeater
Eastern Yellow Robin Rose Robin Yellow Rumped Thornbill
Eastern Whipbird Rufous Fantail Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Emerald Ground Dove Satin Bowerbird Yellow Thornbill
    Yellow Throated Scrubwren
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